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I grew up loving vintage movies… From the 30s to the 60s. This shoot reminded me of that beautiful Hollywood glamour, and of how the style changed as color came into film (which you’ll see in my color interpretations.)

For a shoot like this, makeup, clothes and hair are an integral part of the shoot.  I was fortunate to work with a great team, that brought the vision to life.

Things to consider if you want a Hollywood Glamour Fashion Shoot:

1:  Style:   What look or style do you want to emulate?  Find old photos of Hollywood actors from the time.   Once you have the look, then it’s time to assemble your team.   

2:  Makeup:  I have some great makeup and hair artists local to Pittsburgh, who I use on my professional shoots.  And they love having creative challenges.  

3:  Clothing:  Find a wardrobe specialist with access to some fabulous clothes.   Or, if you like the fun of “thrifting”,  be your own wardrobe designer.  

Here’s the examples from the classic Hollywood-Glamour Shoot I recently did.  

Credit where credit is due:

Migle was the perfect model replica of the photos of Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall, who were some of the epitomes of the beauty of the silver screen.

Since the idea was a vintage shoot, I decided not to do what we now consider “standard retouching” on these.   

Model: Migle @miglute_gro

Retoucher/Editor: Myself

Creative Direction: Lindsay Adler @lindsayadler_photo
Hair Day : @Jacquidavishair
Makeup: Mark Williamson @markwilliamson
Styling: The Cannon Media Group @thecannonmediagroup