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What do you need to think of before headshot photo day?  Have no fear, we discuss it all here.  And hey –  good for you for signing up for a headshot!   Unless your company gave you no choice.   But still… it’s a good thing to make sure you have an updated look.

Here’s the sort-of transcript from the video:

We’re happy that you’ve signed up for your company’s headshot photo day!   My name is Jen, and either I, my business partner Dan, or another member of our team will be taking your photo. I’m going to briefly go over 5 points (clothes, hair/makeup, expression, and attitude) to help you prepare for your photo session, especially because our session together is going to be pretty quick .

Point 1:  The goal of the photo.   Professional, approachable, and authentic.    We’ll go over later how to express professional and approachable in a photo, so don;t worry.  The modern standard for headshot photos is to appear how you would, on your best professional day.

Point 2:  Attitude.   if your attitude stinks, your photo will too.  Did you know that 82% of all people hate having their photo taken?   I made that up, haven’t done an actual study yet.  The fact is, you aren’t alone.    I don’t like gettimg my picture taken, and I’m more sensitive to it in my mid-life years.  So, if this is you-  in the links below are some must-watches:  a TED talk by Amy Cuddy.   and a Dove Beauty Sketch.  Please – if you are critical of yourself, please take a few minutes and watch those.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches (yeah, Dove the soap company):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpaOjMXyJGk&t=95s

Amy Cuddy TED talk:  Your body language may shape who you are:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc

Point 3:  Clothing.   Your company will let you know if they have any attire requirements, such as must have a tie, must have a blazer, etc.  But if they don’t, here is my advice.   if you never wear a tie for work, don’t feel like you need to for your professional photo.  It’s not very authentic.  Women – don’t feel like you need to wear a black blazer, if you never wear one in real life.  (unless your company tells you to).  also not authentic.   Wear something that is reflects your personality and style.  Usually, we tell people to avoid patterns and fluorescently bright colors.  But if bold patterns and super bright colors are you- go for it.   Same with jewelry.  Usually, we’d say keep your jewellery to a minimum, and if you don’t routinely wear jewelry, don;t feel like you have to.   But, if big earrings and chunky neck;aces are who you are, by all means have them in your photo.

Point 4:  Hair and makeup.   For most guys and persons with short hair styles:  avoid getting a hair cut the day before… maybe just a few days before.  Just in case they go a little too tight in the cut.   Women – don’t feel like you need to get a blowout or updo if you don’t usually.   remember the goal of authentic, but on your best professional day.   Same applies for makeup.   If you are a person, like me, who doesn’t not wear makeup (except like some mascara and lip gloss), do not feel like you must have your makeup done up … because I know when I’ve done that personally for a headshot photo, I hated it, because it wasn’t authentic to me.   If you are a big makeup person, nothing wrong with that.  But because this is studio photography, avoid powdered foundation, too much bronzer, or super shiny eyeshadows.  That is my opinion.   If wearing foundation, make sure your neck and chest color matches your face color.    

Super important:  regardless of where you fall on the makeup scale, for the days before your photo shoot, give attention to your Skin.  This includes all you guys.  Keep hydrated, used UV protector when in the sun,  do not get sunburned.   Try to get good rest the nights before, and avoid foods/drinks that you know either make your skin dry and flushed, or oily.    For those with oily skin, in the hours before blot your forehead nose, cheeks and chin with papertowels to absorb.  We’ll try to have some on-site there for you also.

Point 5.  Give some thought to your expression.  We’re going for confident, yet approachable.  Confid.. eyes.    Practice your smile in front of a mirror.  Does it look real, or fake to you?   You don;t need a toothy smile to be approachability.  we’re all different that way.

so… you’ve got this.  you;re going to do great.   if you have any questions, feel free to email me at jen@jensorley.com.  And we’ll see you on headshot day.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jen@jenworley.com and check out my website https://jenworley.com

  To understand my point on this, check out this video, which is pretty amazing, by Dove: 

If you tend to be a little hard on yourself, I want you to watch a TED talk by Ann Cuddy, entitled “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.”