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Waterfront Corporate Park – Georgetown Dr, Franklin Park

Below are examples of two different shoots for company websites. Both were done in the lobby; below shows the differences.

This was our first for this financial firm. For the headshots, we decided to do them on a solid color. So I brought a background, and we did them in the lobby also:

We came back next year to get an updated photo; however, one of the team was going to be retiring later in the year. So we took the photo in a way that we could take her out (on the left), with using the same photo (saving the expense of editing two different photos):

My next shoot in the same building was for a consulting firm. They wanted a feel that was fresh and young, transitioning from a very corporate and formal feel. Here’s examples of their whole team, some of the headshot photos, and smaller teams. These were done in the same lobby as the financial firm above; just using a different section of it.