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Conferences, Trade Shows, and High Volume Corporate Headshots

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Trade Shows and Conference Headshots

 10 People or 200 – We are ready for your conference.

The number of trade shows and conferences in Pittsburgh are growing every year.  These events are the perfect place to have amazing, studio quality headshots taken of your team.  

Our headshot station at your Pittsburgh event enables your company’s workforce,  sometimes even from all over the country, to get stunning and consistent headshots.

Having a headshot station at an event also works as an awesome marketing tool for vendors and sponsors. 



Call for more information, our rates, and to schedule your Photo Station at your event.

Lead Generation

Our headshot station at your event or trade show is the perfect way to capture your potential clients contact information while giving them an amazing gift.   You will literally have a line of potential clients providing you with their real contact information.  We can send the final headshots with your compliments, along with your branded message to ensure communication continues after the event.  What a great way to capture high quality leads and keep the conversation going!

“We brought Jen in to take professional profile pictures of our employees.  From quote to final product Jen was a pleasure to work with.  Responsive and efficient.  Our employees said how easy Jen made the process putting them at ease and getting the best picture possible.”

Allie K. from Alcoa

Every Trade Show and Conference Headshot session includes the following:

Immediate photo-proofing

My “see-as-you-go” approach helps your people get their best photo and pick the photo that they love.  This is a major benefit to you, because there is no waiting on emailed proof sheets.  

Saving your valuable time.

Digital file and licensing

I provide a digital file and licensing for your finished, re-touched photo(s).

 *Length & terms

Studio Quality Shoots for your event!

  I have years of experience, that helps me capture the perfect expressions and looks from your event attendees.  These are not the typical poorly shot conference photos.   You will get my best work.  

I use the most modern technologies so we can provide high quality photos as quickly as possible.  


High Volume Headshots for your business 

Is it time for a photo day at your office?  

Most people don’t look foward to picture day.  But you know how important quality headshots are for your organization.   

I make it easy for your marketing department and fun and relaxed for your employees.   

How I help your marketing department? 

1.   I can accommodate any number of your employees.  
2.  I provide consistant finished images.  
3.  On time delivery of finished images. 
4.  High volume on location headshots mean an even more affordable option your organizations marketing.
5.  follow any company specifications provided.  
6.  Highly organized image delivery options are available for high volume shoots.  For a small additional charge, each finished image is labeled by employee name and delivered into a subfolder that is also labeled by employee name. Seaching through a unorganized and unlabled folder with many image files can be very time consuming.  Just imagine the time this saves, especially when employees are from several different locations. 


Dan Worley of Jen Barker Worley Photography
jen worley Pittsburgh Photographer
Headshot Photographer Jen Barker Worley Photography. Photo of Amber Kleinhnz Pittsburgh Professional