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Creative Team Photography Pittsburgh

“We want take some fun photos, as a team, for client-appreciation cards.”

I’ve taken this team’s headshots and group photo before.  For their website.  As it’s in the financial industry, those were modern yet formal, as is the standard.  The assistant VP of the group who approached me had a bunch of ideas.  So we arranged a shoot time at my Downtown Pittsburgh studio at the end of the work day, and the team came in.

The idea list:

She came prepared with a shoot list, which we had also discussed ahead of time.  The general concept was to get 6/7 images that they can use for client birthday cards, for the next few years.  

First up while we were waiting for the everyone to file in:  a Brady-Bunch style card.   We sketched out on paper who went where, and where they should be looking.  So as each person filed in, we took a quick snap.

As always, I shoot tethered, so both the client and I can make sure we get the look we are going for.  

Next were the team holding balloons,  wearing hats and silly glasses.  Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.   Eating cake.   Holding a bunch of spreadsheets and documents, showing they’re hard at work for their clients, and happy doing it!

The Challenging Shot

Last idea:  Everyone has a confetti canon before.   We decided to do a test shoot first, and quickly discovered these may be a little risky to shoot off in studio, when you have sprinkler heads above you.  And yikes, are they loud!

So we changed the idea-  let’s shoot everyone individually, and instead of everyone shooting the canon, have people throw the confetti (which came out of our first canon) instead.   Or pretend someone’s shooting it, and another person throws it off camera toward them.