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Marketing Directors:  How can our PPOTM directory help your company’s web presence?

Every headshot we take is eligible to be added to Pittsburgh Professionals On The Move.   This directory can have your company’s employee photos and bio added to the directory.  We can add congratulations if you have a new hire or you can add few words about a recent promotion. All of these ideas would help make a great listing.   Making the listing more news worthy, could increase the chances of the listing being shared or retweeted on social media.



Pittsburgh Professionals On The Move

But how can this help your company?

I am sure you are more than aware of the need for SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.  A key component of your SEO is Off-Site SEO.  Why is Off-Site Seo so important?  Google absolutely loves backlinks.  Off-Site link-building is an essential part of your over all SEO.  The number of backlinks, and even more importantly the quality of the backlinks, that a website has is a good indicator of its popularity or importance with search engines.  With PPOTM your company will get 1 to 3 backlinks per listing:

  1.  A backlink to your employee’s page on your website, if they have one.
  2.  A backlink to your company’s website.  If you are a national company we can link to your main page or to your local Pittsburgh page.
  3.  If your company’s logo is provided, that is backlinked to your website.
  4.  A link to your company’s LinkedIn page.

Social Media

These posts can be shared on social media by your employees and on our social accounts as well.  This creates a greater “web” that leads Google back to you.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”5px”][vc_column_text]

Results from being listed on PPOTM:

Here is an example:  Lets say you have 20 new hires and you send them in for headshots with Jen.  All 20 are listed on PPOTM.  That’s at the least 20 new backlinks to your site.  But it could easily be 40 or more backlinks.  In a few days or weeks Google will notice, which may even rank your page higher in the organic listings.

When deciding on a attorney or a doctor, most people will “google” that attorney or doctor by name.

In a very short time their listings on PPOTM, that links back to your website, is ranking in the 2nd or 3 position on Google!  This is awesome for your site.  Listing without a bio, or only a few words, don’t rank as well.

This is a screen shot of Gabriel L Medley of Gateway Health’s listing in PPOTM.

The Gateway Health logo really makes the page pop.  The logo links to their website.  His name under the logo links to his personal LinkedIn Page.

When someone does a Google search for Gabriel, PPOTM is 3rd in the list.  Another way for someone to find your company.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Page Views and Clicks

These Statistics will be updated and discussed here in the future.


Advertising On PPOTM

Advertising on PPOTM and our newsletter will be available soon.

If you are interested please email dan@jenworley.com