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Why Social Media?

We’ve talked a lot about how to utilize your social media in order to show the best of your business. Let’s take a moment, take a step back, and discuss the reasons behind developing your online presence in the first place. Putting your business on social media platforms can be extremely beneficial for you in many ways. Today, we’ll lay out five of our top reasons.

  1. Humanize Your Brand. One of the first, and most important, components of creating an online presence for your business is the ability to add a face and a personality behind your brand. Once you’re on social media, you have a direct connection to your customers where you can build up and share this profile. As we talk about all of the time, creating this “brand character” involves your tone, the type of content you post, and even the actual person (and face) behind the brand. This is where a Professional Pittsburgh Photographer comes in handy.  I can capture the perfect mix of business headshots and portraits to approach your viewers with. The benefit of creating a clear persona is that you will appear much more relatable and easier to connect with. 
  2. Expand Your Horizons. We’ve previously talked about the importance of defining your target audience. This refers to narrowing down the specific groups of people – age, demographics, career – who would be interested in working with you, purchasing your product, or who can be influential in continuing to spread awareness of your brand. Social media platforms are great because you can simultaneously create content to target your specific audience while still being available to a much larger customer base. Having an online presence not only gives you the ability to reach out to your audience, but it allows for new potential customers to find you.
  3. Constant. Consistent. The great thing about utilizing social media platforms in order to promote your business is that, if you’re doing it correctly, it’s not an advertisement. It shouldn’t sound like your “selling”, equivalently meaning that the viewers don’t feel like its work or a chore to look at your content. The bright side of this is that you can post multiple posts a week broadening your potential viewers. When we talk about posts, this may include Instagram posts, blog articles, twitter blasts, Facebook ads, etc. We recommend keeping this to 4-5 posts a week. While every day may seem too overwhelming, keeping the posts to under three days leaves you at risk to be easily forgotten.
  4. Cross-Promoting. The great thing about the various social media platforms, is that you can use them to cross-promote. Twitter and Facebook are some of our favorite ways to put out a notification that you’ve posted something somewhere else. If you release a new product, or a message that you want your audience to be aware of, you can use either of these platforms to let everyone be aware that a new post is up. You can even include a link straight to the page you’re directing your viewers to.


  5. Cost Effective. Last, but not least, social media is an unpaid form of marketing. You’re able to share all of the information you want, without really spending a dime. Of course, there are even more effective routes like, Instagram post sponsoring or Facebook ads, which are paid, but they aren’t necessary.
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