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What should I wear and what should I avoid for my photo? 

Since this is a headshots this is more about your head than the clothes you are wearing.  That means they will only be in about a third or less of the photo.

Usually I tell people, wear what you like and what gives you confidence.  But I have a few exceptions.  

If your skin coloring tends to get pretty red, please do not wear red.  

dress shirts of different colors

For everyone, Avoid patterns.  Especially for shirts worn under jackets.  This is because it’s impossible to wear a shirt
under a jacket with zero wrinkles, and I can’t fix those wrinkles post-production on a patterned shirt.  If you’re not wearing a jacket, make sure your shirt fits well and is nicely ironed or at least not wrinkled. 

If you’re wearing a sweater, make sure it doesn’t look old and bally.  And for your jacket… your jacket should fit well…
for men and women, a tailored jacket makes you look your best.  

Should I have a lot of bling for my photo? 

Jewelry:  I don’t think you need it.  I’d
rather have small studded earrings and no  necklace.  But whatever you want and that gives you confidence.  This photo is about you, not your jems.

stock photo of bling

Should I wear my glasses or not?

Glasses:  Make sure your lenses are clean.  I believe that if you wear your glasses the majority of the time in your professional setting, your headshot should be with your glasses.

Pittsburgh Professional Will Stevenson. Headshot photo taken by Jen Barker Worley Photography