Photoshop: Don’t end up like Yoda

I found this photo on facebook today and it really made me laugh.  Yoda has a few wrinkles, its true, but too much photoshop and he doesn’t really look like Yoda anymore.yoda

The same thing can happen to your photos and you don’t want that.  We do light touch ups because its important for your photo to reflect how your clients or future employer will see you.  Your headshot is your brand and that needs to be how you actually look.

Post by JenWorley

I’m a second generation photographer. Art has been one of the centers of my life from my childhood. My professional photography career started in 2002 and it has shaped how I look at the world ever since. We’ve geared our business toward business professionals. Your time is valuable, and having a good photograph is essential in our digital age. Every aspect of our business is shaped to meet your needs, within our expertise and artistic vision.

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