Where should I go to get a passport photo done?

You can go wherever you like.  I’m serious.

You know one of the top headshot photographers in DC charges $200 to take a passport photo?   And he doesn’t even print them out for you.

So maybe that will make my price of $130 look a little more reasonable.

Look, we are a professional photography studio.  Not a drug store.  Think of it this way:   You can get your cousin Ed to “TurboTax” your taxes for $40 or go to a tax professional.   And maybe if you have a 1040EZ, and Ed’s having a good day, you’ll be fine.  But for most people that I know, they aren’t going to cousin Ed for their taxes unless he has a CPA after his name.

We spend more time, have more knowledge, and have more experience.  We actually care about giving you the best passport picture that you can take.  Maybe your best passport picture ever.  At least until we see you again for one in ten years.

Post by JenWorley

I’m a second generation photographer. Art has been one of the centers of my life from my childhood. My professional photography career started in 2002 and it has shaped how I look at the world ever since. We’ve geared our business toward business professionals. Your time is valuable, and having a good photograph is essential in our digital age. Every aspect of our business is shaped to meet your needs, within our expertise and artistic vision.

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