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In some cases,  you may have to reapply.
It’s not uncommon for us to re-take a photo that another photographer or “quicky store” took.  Many of these countries are not flexible on their photo requirements.
Now, what if WE took a photo for you and it’s turned down?

Because we know what we are doing, it is very very very very rare for that to happen.   But sometimes the government office in charge will use a photo as an excuse to reject the application.  I guess it’s easier than them saying, “we really just don’t want you in our country.”   That’s a joke.   But often times if they say your app was rejected because of your picture, and they won’t tell you what’s wrong with the picture….  hmmm.
But if it does happen, that a picture that we take for you is rejected.   We will re-take and print it for you.  Free of additional charge.