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What are some tips for during the session?

Advance preparation would be first.

  • Let the photographer know of concerns you have.  Lighting, posing, and photoshop can be used to help you look your best.
  • During the session don’t rush or rush the photographer.
    Calm down.  Many people come in and feel awkward, nervous, and extremely self-conscious. 
  • When a person is too nervous, they are not in control as much as will not be able to be as natural as they like.  Some people are so nervous, they even have a hard time hearing the instructions of the photographer.
  • Relax and work together.  Have more shots taken if you like.  A good photographer is very patient and understanding and wants you to be happy with the result.
  • Be patient with the photographer too. Photographers get a funny reputation for making people twist all over the place.  The reason for this is that they can see what you can’t.  Few people have perfect body shapes.  A neck too long,  double chins,  bent noses, wide bodies, skinny bodies, slouching, etc can look worse in pictures.  By turning, tipping, leaning, etc. these can sometimes be corrected from the camera’s view.  Sometimes they have to experiment some to find the right body position for your body type.
TIP:  The more comfortable you are getting your photo taken, the better you will look. Take your time, rest if needed, take a breath, wet your lips, let the photographer know how you feel or what concerns you may have. You might even try to practice in advance with a mirror at home.