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How much do the Passport photos cost?

Any drug store can take a mug shot for a passport.  The fact that you are looking at a professional Pittsburgh photographer’s website is that you care about:


It’s never to late to see something new.

1 –  A good photo that doesn’t make you look scary.
2 –  A photo that meets the country’s specifications so your paperwork will not be held up.

I spend just about as much time taking a passport/immigration photo as I do taking a corporate headshot.  I have files for what each country requires for each type of photo.  And believe me, they can be picky.

So I charge $85.00 for a passport or immigration photo, regardless of the country.  That includes four 2×2 printed photos (or whatever size they require) and you’ll receive a digital file of it, and license, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want.